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  • Dallas Educational Article of the Month - Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

Why, and what are the risks?
It is probably easy to prevent Dallas squirrels from getting inside your Texas house but it won’t be easy to prevent it from chewing woods, bird feeder and many other materials that aren’t metals.

Prevent the squirrels from chewing on your woods
Squirrels have strong teeth and they continually grow. And because of this, they need to gnaw so they chew every time. They gather sticks and also break woods with their teeth and they even get inside holes or attic or walls. These are the safe place for them especially when the mother has to feed their children.

For Dallas home owners, the task can be hassle but better yet, you can paint brush hot sauce on woods or sprinkle chili powder so it burns their tongue out. Just like humans, squirrels can’t stand that. Look for specific areas where Texas squirrels often chew on. You can also try over the counter products like Ropel and pain the woods inside your house but these can wash off so you may need to apply it regularly.

Squirrels major problem is when they don’t have access to these woods in the wild. When they finally find a house to chew on, they will continually do that on hard surfaces like trees, house, properties and more. They normally chew on nuts, seeds or acorns but when these items aren’t available, they look for alternative. From doors to wood siding, from bars to patio – these are some of the common spots Texas squirrels chew on. Everything that is not metal.

Of course, allowing squirrels to chew on woods can cause a serious damage to your house. Moreover, if your house is dominantly woods, there can be a huge change that squirrels constantly appear. You should keep them away from your Dallas home by close all of the openings such as the attics and rooftops. However, do make sure that the squirrels are not inside the room. Otherwise they can eat the whole thing and chew everything to make holes so they can get out. This means a great cost of damage to your house. You can place traps inside for precautions and improvise it with pipe on the opening so they won’t return to your house. The pipe has to be 45 degree in angle. You can also use chimney traps to secure the house top so it won’t be damaged. You can keep squirrels away from your house using repellents. Use sticky substance to prevent squirrels from climbing your house. but don’t use glue because that would cost double the trouble.

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